"Elaine demonstrated a great ability to get the job done while needing to work with a wide range of individuals and considering all opinions. Her outreach and networking abilities are outstanding and is clearly recognized in the community as a subject matter expert. Elaine was hired to write a grant, completed it successfully and we were awarded the grant...thanks to Elaine we applied for a different aspect of the grant than which we originally intended, but that was more appropriate to meet our needs." - D. Reardon (Former Educational Program Professional) Constituent Services for United States Senator

"I have taken many courses from various institutes over the years, and I must say that Elaine’s classes were by far the most valuable and worthwhile I have taken in a while.  She is an incredibly talented instructor who has a knack for encouraging growth in new areas in her students.” - S. Woodward, Learner

"Elaine is attentive, bright and brings a creative insight to projects and eloquent spokesperson for any endeavor with which she is involved; always informed, succinct and sincere." - R. Graef, Teacher and Community Activist

"Elaine offers a unique skill set with experience in everything from art to education to marketing to business savvy. She definitely takes ownership of every project she takes on and doesn't rest until all tasks have been completed to her satisfaction.”- M. Duggan, Credit Union Professional

Adults from every background and profession explore emotions and enhance wellness through the artistic process. They may be people living with cancer, recovering from an emotional trauma, or corporate workers discovering the value and sheer joy of their own creativity.  When painting, judgement is suspended and "rules" are not allowed.