Tap into a fresh perspective for support and confidence

VisionTree Creative provides advice and coaching that focuses on your individual needs and where you are in your life’s work. This can be short-term, intermittent or longer-term support. Elaine Tselikis is a trusted colleague and adviser who can help you deepen insight to clarify a decision or strategy, or to boost your productivity. She engages adult education practices, the creative process, nature and common sense to offer ideas, suggestions, guidance and coaching in a variety of situations. If needed, referrals are shared to help you navigate the best course.  

Advice and Coaching Assistance Services Most in Demand:

  • Sharpening Mission Clarity
  • Facilitating Special Projects
  • Leadership Transitions
  • Decision-Making
  • How to Better Collaborate With Volunteers and Board Members
  • Communicating More Effectively
  • Career or Life’s Work Exploration / Inspiration

Deeply Seeing, Sharing and Listening: Often the Best Teachers

It can be extremely beneficial to engage an understanding professional with an outside perspective to sound out your ideas, frame problems, or help you explore a special initiative or direction. Whether you are seeking a new career, or a fresh approach in working with colleagues, in VisionTree Creative you will have a confidential partner to help you re-discover your creative authenticity, strengthen your confidence, and revive motivation to pursue your dreams and goals.